Technical Investigations


Ground Conditions
Clarkebond have undertaken a Phase 1 Preliminary Risk Assessment/desk study (Technical Pack 3).

Conservation & Heritage
Cotswold Archaeology have undertaken an Historic Building Assessment and a Heritage Assessment (Technical Pack 4). This was undertaken to inform potential purchasers of the historical significance of the site and its development history to provide context to development potential.

Intrusive Site Investigations
Clarkebond have undertaken an intrusive wsite investigation (Technical Pack 5).

Transport Study
Arup have produced a scoping report to consider highways and accessibility considerations (Technical Pack 6). This is to inform potential purchasers of the potential implications based on development of the Nash massing study on the local transport network.

CASA have produced an Asbestos Refurbishment Survey Report (Technical Pack 7). The report provides an overview of the location, presence and extent of asbestos bearing materials as far as reasonably practical.

Arup have undertaken a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (Technical Pack 8). The exercise has been undertaken to identify the existence of any habitats or species that could potentially impact upon the redevelopment of the Site.

Structure & Condition Survey
Arup have produced a Structure and Building Fabric Survey – to provide an overview on the condition of existing structures (Technical Pack 9).

Utilities & Services
Clarkebond have produced a report showing the location of existing services across the Site (Technical Pack 10).

Unexploded Ordnance
A detailed UXO survey has been undertaken by 1st Line Defence (Technical Pack 11).

Floor Plans & Measured Survey
TFT have undertaken a detailed measured survey (Technical Pack 12).

Legal Summary & Title
Burges Salmon have provided a legal summary and title information – please refer to Technical Pack 13.