Master Planning


Nash Architects have prepared a masterplanning and urban design study to examine the emerging redevelopment potential for the Soapworks site.

The Old Market area, including the Old Soapworks site, is evolving as an urban neighbourhood in a city that embraces and celebrates opportunities for new urban living and working lifestyles.

The location of the Old Soapworks close to transport, economic, retail and leisure facilities provides the opportunity for the reinvestment in this site to contribute to creating a popular, well placed and economically active living and working neighbourhood, well placed for a low car use way of life and built around the advantages of the city over the suburbs.

The study considers the heritage, context, constraints and opportunities of the Old Soapworks site, before introducing a sketch plan and design approach for the site that recognises the sensitivities of a site dominated by a tall and visually prominent listed building.

The study explores how pedestrian desire lines and new vistas can be created, and how a worthy setting can be maintained and formed for the heritage assets. This is set against 3D contextual studies of where new built form is best distributed across the large Old Soapworks site. A copy of the study is available in Technical Pack 2.

Plan demonstrating the area of potential “new development” and buildings / façade which may need to be retained (subject to planning).